This collection of photographs, information, and stories has been put together by friends from Europe, the U.S., and Australia in order to honor the influential 20th century breeders of Deerhounds. We have had a great time putting this together and hope you enjoy it. We especially want to thank The Deerhound Club for their permission to use their articles and photos and all of the assistance they have provided.

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Anecdotes and memories of Marjorie Bell, Enterkine Deerhounds

Reprinted from the Spring, 1985 issue of The Deerhound Club newsletter. Copyright The Deerhound Club. Reprinted with permission. Many thanks to The Deerhound Club for the use of their materials.


(Deerhound breeder for over 50 years, Club President 1976 until her death 1980)

Lesley Edmunds

Enterkine hounds Click to enlarge

I first met Marjorie when I went to buy my first Deerhound puppy. We were made very welcome and were given help choosing our eventual show champion, Osbert of Enterkine. Now no one ‘chooses’ to call their one and only Deerhound Osbert (apologies to all Osberts reading this – nothing personal) so when asked by Marjorie what ‘pet’ names we had thought of my Son came up with Hamish and Scooby Doo. A blank stare followed by a lecture on the aristocratic background of the breed led us to believe that Hamish was perhaps the more favourable choice – so Hamish it was.

Miss M. Bell with 4 unidentified Deerhounds

As she lived not far away at the time we began to visit her quite often. While my husband was deftly cajoled into cutting down the long grass and weeds in the dog runs I walked the dogs. The first time I went walking I was told to keep turning left at each junction and I would eventually come back to the bungalow. No one told me it was a 4 1/2 mile round trip and about a mile out it started to pour with rain. Thinking I was almost back Read more